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Butterfly valve cast iron type wafer


Depending on the type of seat

EPDM/NBR max. 16 bar
Fluoroelastomer/silicone max. 10 bar


Pneumatic actuator, electric actuator

depending on the type of seat


ACS, SVGW, Belgaqua, Kiwa, WRAS, DVGW, CE


Type wafer, PN6/10/16/ASA150

EN 1092 − ASME/ANSI B1605


Cast iron GG25

Epoxy coating 80μm

EN 558, series 20


Ductile iron handlever, 10 positions padlockable

Valve design


Valve seat

EPDM, NBR, fluoroelastomer, silicone

Stem material

SS 420

Disc material

SS 316


Butterfly valve type wafer with cast iron housing, centric stainless steel valve, continuous shaft and interchangeable seat, which also functions as a flange seal.

The housing of this butterfly valve has centering holes and is suitable for mounting between flanges according to DIN PN6, PN10 or PN16 and ASA 150. Short construction length according to EN 558 series 20. This butterfly valve comes standard with a coated cast iron handle for manual operation.

The housing is originally equipped with a top flange according to ISO 5211 standard, for possible automation with a pneumatic actuator or electric actuator.