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If you are looking for the right hand tools, garden tools, electric tools, compressed air tools, cutting tools and grinding tools, as well as their accessories, you will certainly find them in our range.

Hand Tools

In our shop you can find a diversity of tools from leading A-brands such as Knipex, Wiha, Facom, Makita, Rigid to our own house brand 4Tecx. This wide range of brands includes :

  • pipe working tools such as pipe cutters
  • pens, chalks and pencils
  • chisels, hammers, crowbars, metal and wood saws, files
  • all kinds of spanners such as open-end spanners, ratchet spanners, socket spanners and torque wrenches
  • trowel wrenches, chocks, rope and stroke mills
  • shop hooks, spirit levels, folding and marking gauges, tape measures
  • screwdrivers of various brands
  • paint tools such as paint brushes
  • pliers of various brands
  • clamps, glue presses and quick glue pliers
  • break-off knives & spare knives
  • knives for cutting and harvesting vegetables
  • steel wool and hand brushes
  • riveting and blind riveting pliers
  • ...

Gardening tools

In addition, as a passionate hobbyist & professional, you can find a wide range of durable, professional gardening equipment. This range includes

  • wheelbarrows from Vabor and Hummer
  • various back - hand and pressure sprayers for destroying weeds and pests
  • spades, rakes garden waste bags and bins in various sizes
  • rainwear, boots and gardening/working gloves
  • hose reels and Gardena couplings
  • Makita leaf blowers & brushcutters
  • ...

This is only a selection from the very extensive range that we can offer you. If you would like more information or if you have any questions, feel free to drop by the shop. The sales team will be happy to answer all your questions and to help you make a choice in terms of application, ergonomics and power.

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