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Offering our customers the best product quickly, through a wide range of stock, with the assistance of our customer-oriented professionals.

We focus on different types of irrigation machines, irrigation systems, water pumps and all kinds of fixed or flexible piping. In addition, we also do a full range of wear parts, drives and soil preparation materials. These are mainly used in agriculture and horticulture, both for the individual grower and for industrial processing.

We also focus on plastic pipes, hoses, professional electrical and quality manual tools. Here we focus on building contractors, gardeners, installers, craftsmen and industrial customers.

Through systematic expansion of its range, Dema has evolved over the years from an important player in irrigation for agriculture and horticulture to a reputable partner for industry in general.

You can contact us for water pumps, piping systems, industrial hoses, couplings, bearings, wear parts, valves and fittings, fasteners and PPE. By conveying all technical information in a clear manner, whether by phone, e-mail or in our shop in Roeselare, our staff will guide you through a stock of no less than 80,000 references. We help you think along and together we look for solutions for the technical challenges that your company faces every day.

Dema is also responsible for carrying out repairs to pumps and machines and we are constantly working on optimising our logistical organisation.

We know your market and we are aware of how many possibilities there are to make your work simple and efficient. With Dema, you have a wide range of technical components and professional support to increase your productivity and efficiency. We are ready to help you every day!

Our specialists

Each product group in our range has its own specialist. Every working day, our specialists are ready to answer all calls, e-mails, chats and forms regarding the technical challenges that your company is currently facing. They know the practice, give advice and think along with you actively. Need help with an order? Any questions? Contact a specialist.

Putting the customer first

We invest in long-term relationships with our customers, listening carefully so that we stay on the same page. There are many possibilities to make your business simple and efficient. We actively think with you about the best solution and closely follow trends and innovations in the market in order to guide and inform you. Delivering quality in the long term, that is what it is all about. For us, for you and for your customers.

Shopping experience

On entering our shop, you will discover a unique mix of products and our staff is ready to give you the right advice at any time. However, we also know that as a customer you no longer want to choose between a brick-and-mortar shop and a digital shop, but that a physical shop complements an online shop. Therefore Dema wants to offer you a complete shopping experience in the near future by offering our products both offline and online.

Advice & support

In our shop, we always give you the advice you need when you buy a machine or fitting. For agricultural irrigation, we determine together with you which irrigation machine, pump, pipe, sprinkler or accessory you should use.

For garden irrigation, our specialist will draw up a plan of where your sprinklers or pipes should be placed to achieve the best result. For both agricultural and garden irrigation, we will find out which pump or pipe can achieve the required performance and will prepare a detailed quotation for you.

Technical services

Is your machine or water pump out of warranty and do you want it repaired? In our workshop, an experienced technician will track down the defect to your appliance, after which a durable and cost-saving repair will be carried out. We have a large stock of spare parts and aim to carry out your repairs within a reasonable period of time.

Hose assembly
You determine the total length, quality and couplings for your hoses and we will assemble your hoses with the necessary clamps, straps or wire.

Service irrigation
During the irrigation season, we not only help you with the start-up of your purchased irrigation reel and pump set, but our service technician is available 24/7 for machine breakdowns. After the season, we can come by to make your sprinkler system frost-proof by appointment and at a fixed price.