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ABS compressed air pipes, fittings and accessories

What are airline pipes?

Airline airlines are made of ABS and can be recognised by their light blue colour.

These pipes and fittings are very light, up to 80% lighter than steel pipes. Due to the corrosion-free properties of ABS, you no longer have any problems with deposits in your compressed air lines and you can always work with pure air.

Another advantage of ABS compressed air lines is that they are mechanically very resistant, which means that these lines can also be used at lower temperatures, down to - 40°C.

The maximum constant working pressure for Air-line is 8 bar at a maximum of 50°C. The maximum working pressure can be increased up to 12,5 bar if the temperature is lowered to 20°C. When reducing the pressure, Air-line can be used at temperatures up to 70°C.