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Products 27.01.2023

Gunnebo Lifting Chains and Components

Did you know that Dema has been a supplier of the Gunnebo Grabiq range since 2016? More so, we custom make your Gunnebo 1, 2, 3, 4-jump chain and supply a legal inspection certificate with your order.

The Gunnebo Grabiq range

To make your lifting as quick and easy as possible, Grabiq, the all-in chain system from Gunnebo for coupling, cutting and lifting in class 10, is the solution.

The components are made of special hardened and alloyed steel, grade 100, which guarantees very high tensile strength, low weight, high wear resistance and long service life.

All Grabiq lifting components are uniformly marked with the same chain size, quality, manufacturer's designation and name for easy identification. Our range of Grabiq components consists of chains, top links, connection links, top links for crane hooks, gaff hooks, load and safety hooks, recess hooks, (rotating) lifting points, lashing material and spare parts.

We put together your Grabiq chain with the desired components, so you always have the right hoisting chain(s) for your situation at hand.

About Gunnebo

Swedish company Gunnebo Industries is the world leader in the lifting, hoisting and material handling industry with a range of products such as crane blocks, rope sheaves, chain and hoisting components, shackles and lashing devices. Gunnebo products are known worldwide for their excellent quality and safety.