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Börger dealer with stock and repair service

Since 2018 Dema has been the official distributor of Boerger positive displacement pumps. We have the Boerger FL series and spare parts in stock. Our technicians have been trained to overhaul your lobe pump without any problems.

What is a positive displacement pump?

A positive displacement pump is a self-priming, valve-free rotary lobe pump. They pump liquids of different consistencies continuously and without failure at flow rates proportional to the speed in a gentle and low-pulsation manner. They are preferably used for pumping viscous, abrasive and abrasive media such as manure and sludge.

Mode of operation

All rotary lobe pumps have a common construction with two parallel shafts, whereby the shafts move against each other through an external flush gearbox. The lobes attached to the shafts rotate in an enclosed housing with minimal radial and axial play. The lobes and the housing are designed to separate the suction and pressure chamber in any position.

When the lobes are turned against each other, the profile grooves in the suction chamber are filled with the pumped medium. The medium is carried away in the direction of circulation and emptied into the pressure pipe at the discharge end by immersing the rotors. This creates a uniform flow from the suction to the pressure side, so that no valves are required. The load on the fluid is low, as the fluid is transported evenly. Here, pump elements made of wear-resistant elastomers, plastics and metal are used. The pump direction can easily be reversed by changing the direction of rotation.

MIP = Maintenance in Place

The construction with single-side bearing and quick-release cover enables quick and direct access to the pump chamber. This makes it possible to replace the rotors and other wearing parts of a Boerger Rotary Lobe Pump in a matter of minutes without having to dismantle it or even remove the suction and discharge connections.

Börger FL

The Boerger FL is used primarily for pumping fine crystalline toxic media. This FL series achieves a maximum capacity of 400 m³/h and a maximum pressure of 12 bar. For the housing you have a choice between cast iron with lamellar graphite, specially hardened ductile iron or cast stainless steel with high acid resistance. This product line has separate pressurised shaft seals.


  • reliable, high performance and robust
  • self-priming, suitable for low fluid levels
  • single-sided suspension
  • low life cycle costs
  • Very easy to maintain thanks to MIP
  • many different materials and rotors

Applications of a Börger pump

  • tanker pump
  • slurry pump
  • downstream refining of biogas plants
  • mobile filling station
  • membrane filtration

More info?

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