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Products 13.01.2023

Towing hoses and hose couplings now also available at DEMA


In agriculture, slurry spreading is an innovative fertiliser technique to spread on wet farmland without damaging the soil. 

Instead of the usual heavy tank combination, a light tractor with a slurry injector is used for slurry spreading to prevent structure damage.

At DEMA we have a large stock of drag hoses and drag hose couplings to support this soil-friendly way of fertilising.

Advantages of drag hose fertilisation

  • Minimal soil pressure because of a low own weight
  • Higher yield due to less structural damage
  • Suitable for arable and grassland
  • Manure distribution also possible in less favourable soil conditions
  • Large capacity

Our offer

  • PU draglines - ⌀100 mm - roll length 100/200/300 m
  • Conduit hose compression fitting (Storz type) - cam distance 115/133/148 mm
  • Conduit sleeves for hose tips ⌀101,5/110/127 mm