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Expertise 27.02.2023

5 reasons to choose PVC-O pipes

Molecor TOM®

DEMA has a new type of plastic pressure pipe in its range, the Molecor TOM® PVC-O pipe. This type of pressure pipe has many advantages. We list the 5 most important ones for you below.

1. Mechanical guarantee

The molecular orientation of the material causes a change in the stress curve, namely, an extension of the elastic phase and an increase in the mechanical strength. In other words, this type of pressure pipe offers you the elasticity of a plastic pipe with the strength of a metal pipe.

2. Flexibility

PVC-O pipes can withstand strong deformations due to mechanical impact. When the external pressure is removed it returns to its original shape without loss of performance or damage to the internal structure.

3. Watertightness

Couplings are a combination between a PP ring that prevents displacement and an EPDM coupling for tightness.

4. Cheap & easy installation

Due to its characteristics (light weight, high impact resistance, flexibility,...) and the couplings used (after installation impossible to remove from the housing, no gluing necessary) Molecor TOM® PVC-o pipe can be installed faster compared to other pressure pipes resulting in lower installation costs.

5. Corrosion resistance

TOM® pipes are resistant to all soil types (acid, alkaline, high concentration of salts, high water table,...). With other plastic pipes one must be careful if the water contains oxidising products, because these products stimulate crack propagation.